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Commercial Bin Cleaning

Commercial Bin cleaning is now considered an important factor towards meeting the minimum standard for hygiene best practice and can benefit all businesses, regardless of size. The need to maintain high standards of hygiene in the workplace has led to an increased demand for effective cleaning & disinfecting of commercial waste containers.

The cleaning, disinfecting and deodorising of commercial bins has not been readily available and near impossible (or illegal) to do yourself, not to mention the risk of personal injury and demotivation of staff when delegated this undesirable task.

City Clean London have a varied commercial bin cleaning client base and offer our services to a diverse range of organisations which include; waste management companies, local authorities, housing associations, universities, schools, hospitals, shopping centres, hotels, supermarkets, property management companies, outdoor events, sports stadiums, retirement living, shops, restaurants and pubs.

Prices for Commercial Bin Cleaning start from £15 per Bin Clean but discounts apply for multiple bins at one location

The process for cleaning commercial bins involves:

  • scraping any large stuck material
  • blasting inside and out with high powered water jets
  • disinfecting and deodorizing
  • mopping and drying .

To discuss your organisations individual needs and receive a tailored quotation please contact us today on: 07583 204475