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About City Clean London

CITY CLEAN LONDON offer a specialist domestic and commercial bin cleaning service, throughout the London area. City Clean London is fully insured and environmentally accredited.

City Clean have invested in one of the most eco friendly Wheelie bin cleaning machines in the World. Unlike many other bin cleaning operators who pollute the drains, pavements and the side of the road, our machine retains & collects excess waste.

Dirty water is recycled back into our machine using the latest water re-cycling technology. The efficiency of our machine means that we use 98% less water than if you were to clean your bin yourself.

Our Water Re-Cycling Bin Machine in Action

At City Clean London our focus is on keeping Londons commercial and residential bins hygienically clean and pest free.

City Clean London will protect your business and home from unwanted infestation and germs that breed in dirty bins. Keeping wheelie bins and bin storage areas clean is an unpleasant task without the right kit to do it.

CITY CLEAN LONDON are experts in quickly and easily removing even tough dirt & germs from all kinds of bins, rubbish chutes and bin storage area’s. Our cleaning machine leaves surfaces completely sanitised and germ free.